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On-Demand Webinars

Effective Adult Learning Principles

Presenter: Frank C. Berry

Description: An overview of effective adult learning principle and theories examining their role in supporting the adult learning experience and how they are related to the accreditation criteria.

Learning Objectives: 
- Discuss how experience, reflection, and practice support learning and changes in performance
- Identify key works and adults learning principles
- Discuss the relationships between effective adult learning principles and accreditation criteria.  

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Defining Best Practices to Optimize Continuing Education Research: A Pathway to Meet C33

Presenter: Sharon A. Cusanza MSN, RN, NEA-BC

Description: There is a need for research projects that help identify strategies for conducting continuing education. However, there is a lack of guidance on the processes and methodologies for conducting continuing education research. Therefore, many organizations are reluctant to consider performing research even when they have an idea for a project. The new ACCME commendation criteria, C33, may be the spark to ignite research related to the effectiveness of and best practices in continuing education. This session is designed to show learners that research is not as difficult as it seems and to encourage them to consider developing research studies on continuing education issues and outcomes.

Learning Objectives
1. Review the process and methodologies involved in conducting continuing education research
2. Describe the application of the scientific method to continuing education research projects
3. Identify a potential continuing education research project within y
our organization

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